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Rent Serviced Apartment Bali ?

Why Bali True living Apartment / Serviced Apartment Bali ? The Only Luxury Affordable Apartment Bali What is a serviced apartment ? A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment available for both short-term and long-term stays. They are inclusive of utility bills and of provide all the hotel-like amenities such as maid service and reception. Benefits of serviced apartments : Space –> Serviced apartments offer more than just a room. Serviced apartments have separate areas for cooking, dining, living and sleeping offering a better home from home experience.  You have more space to live and work in. Having more space also means you can entertain guests a lot easier. Our Apartment Bali : The space is 33 sq meter which doubled the size of any budget hotel in Bali. Cost –> Serviced apartments cost approximately 30% less than an equivalent hotel. Serviced apartments have a kitchen or kitchenette so you save money on room service and restaurant costs. The vast majority of serviced apartments offer free Wi-Fi unlike many hotels who continue to charge for it. Plus the longer you stay in a serviced apartment, the cheaper it gets making serviced apartments an ideal solution for temporary accommodation, corporate relocation’s and […]

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